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Archer~Martin Associates is an executive coaching and transition management firm focused on serving aspiring, diverse leaders as they navigate the executive search process and as they and the institutions they serve construct an intentional transition process. Utilizing the Theory of Appreciative Inquiry, we focus on building strengths and successes.

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Opening Doors, The Higher-Ed Leadership Playbook
Nancy Martin and Josefina C. Baltodano, J.D.

“Higher Education has long needed a book like Opening Doors, The Higher-Ed Leadership Playbook. Martin and Baltodano have shared their many years of expertise with us. It is wonderful to finally have a single volume that is important for those going forward in searches, and those who are conducting the searches. I know that many will use this book to enhance their experience in higher education.” — Dr. P. Bartelt

“Opening Doors is an incredibly helpful toolkit, offering guiding principles for future leaders who understand their role will not only be a matter of visionary, ethical, and transparent leadership but will also necessarily involve hard, principled choices, a careful balance of warmth and courage, and the ability to inspire trust. Leaders increasingly need to understand all of what an institution does and how to build bridges and lead collaboratively in a fast-changing environment.

The most helpful part of the book is the Playbook. How do you actually navigate from a position inside or outside of higher education to a complex, complicated role involving the trust of thousands of stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, parents, donors, trustees, advisory boards, governments, and community members? How to you sell yourself and show you have the goods? How do you demonstrate that you understand the particular human challenge of higher ed in the era of social media?

The Leadership Playbook part of the book is an actual playbook with checklists, models, scripts, and examples of success. Opening it up is the first step in the journey to see if you are ready.”

– Hollis Robbins

Accolades for Opening Doors, The Higher-Ed Leadership Playbook!

“Full Disclosure: Nancy Martin and I have worked as colleagues in higher education executive search and leadership development since the early 1990’s, so you could reasonably expect some bias on my part. Nonetheless, I believe OPENING DOORS is extraordinary from a variety of vantage points:

• It effectively addresses longstanding, intractable issues that have set unfair and unconscionable limits on who is seen as having the gravitas for leadership in the Academy;
• It is rooted in a philosophy of interaction – Appreciative Inquiry – that is a powerful vehicle for effective communication and mutual understanding;
• Its co-authors avoid focusing on themselves, in favor of highlighting what they have learned that can advance the field of higher education leadership;
• It is unusually generous in offering – not just ideas about effective practices – but actual practical tips, model documents and working templates designed to support the prospective leader from early stages of value clarification all the way through salary negotiations and into the transition to the new position.

Few consultants and authors would have the courage to “give so much away.”

Wouldn’t it be compelling to be in conversation about your potential with these people and their colleagues, with OPEN DOORS at your side? Imagine how far you could go. Imagine how you and others will transform higher education.”

– Lorna Duphiney Edmundson, Ed. President Emerita, Wilson College Senior Principal, Archer Martin Associates.

Step-by-step help for HiEd folks looking to “open that door” to something new

“I have worked in higher education, both public and private, for more than twenty years as professor, associate dean, dean, and more. As I look to take my career to the next level, my ACE Mentor (a past-president of a public university) recommended this book. Whether you are just thinking about making a change in role, actively looking (like me), or wanting to think through how you might think about your hiring practices for that next academic role, this book goes beyond words to offer actionable steps in the form of “worksheet-like” prompts. This is a book that you will mark up and revisit. I imagine my copy will have black ink, later blue, then who knows what as I revisit it. Recommended in the highest degree.”

-Robert Matthew Klein

“If you are a mid-career higher ed professional or if you are seeking your capstone career opportunity, Opening Doors,The Higher-Ed Leadership Playbook is a must-read! My colleagues Nancy Martin and Josie Baltodano offer a comprehensive, insightful, and practical playbook, systematically outlining the steps in the job search process. From understanding what you are personally and professionally seeking in your next job opportunity, to developing effective CVs and cover letters that will take you to the next step in the search process, to offering interview tips that will let you shine through – this book has it all! And on top of that, it’s user-friendly, allowing the reader to easily focus on the issues that are most relevant. Opening Doors is one of those gems of a book—even after you finish it, you will find yourself going back to it, from time-to-time, just to revisit some of the great suggestions. Well done!”

– Jeffrey J. Papa. Ph.D.