Here is our Evolving Story:

The coaches of Archer Martin Associates are committed to mutually agreed upon Fundamental Guiding Principles. In both our careers and personal lives, we find that we work best when we reiterate these principles as we embark on each part of our life quest adventures. They ground us in our core values and bring us the gift of a calm and joyful center. We pass the gift of these Principles on to you.

These are Principles to guide your transformational leadership journey:

  • I. Lead with the Theory of Appreciative Inquiry
  • II. Follow Your Moral Compass
  • III. Build Your Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • IV. Build Your Bridges (Articulate Transferable Skills)
  • V. Be Centered, but not Self-Centered – Be the Servant-Leader
  • VI. Live Intentionally
  • VII. Tell the Best Stories/Be Your Own Narrator
  • VIII. Ask the Best Questions
  • IX. Listen and Hear
  • X. Manage the Situation
  • XI. Serve Your Institution
  • XII. Be the Candidate
  • XIII. Accept Change; It is the New Normal
  • XIV. Do Your Homework
  • XV. Be a Shrewd and Savvy Negotiator
  • XVI. Maintain an Exquisite Balance Between Courage and Humility

A-MA Coaching Successes Exceed National Averages