“Founded on the principles of inclusive excellence and social justice, OPENING DOORS is a ground-breaking book resting on the principle that leaders are made, not born. It provides strategies and tactics on how to move ahead in your leadership journey in higher education— most importantly, doing so in a principled, inclusive way throughout your career. Martin and Baltodano unravel the mysteries of the search process as well as the cultural anthropology of leadership transition. This is the sort of book that you buy and return to again and again, over a lifetime of service in leadership positions.

Nancy Martin and Josefina Baltodano have the perfect background to enable them, indeed to compel them, to write this book. Between them, they have decades of success in recruiting top talent in higher education, coupled with many additional accomplishments in coaching people as they grow in their current jobs. Their combined experience is foundational and has shaped the book in remarkably intelligent and creative ways. “

(Excerpts from the Opening Doors Forward, written by Dr. Charles R. Middleton, Professor and President Emeritus, Roosevelt University)