Executive Search Coaching

“You have been instrumental in helping me achieve my dream position, and your counsel has been right on target.”
When an individual is ready for a move to become a College/University/President/Senior Administrator, our coaching focuses on preparing CV and Cover Letters and Interview tactics and winning the appointment about which he or she is most passionate. When an offer is made, we assist in contract negotiation coaching, ensuring transition coaching as a central part of their contract.

Transition Management Coaching

“I could have been derailed by a difficult faculty issue that arose just after I arrived, but the trust developed during transition prevailed.”
If we think of transition as a process in which a stranger becomes recognized as a member of the institution’s culture and established in a highly respected role in the community, it is clear that a successful outcome is neither automatic nor instantaneous. Effective transitions must be intentional, ensuring that specific steps are taken to produce the desired outcome. In our experience, intentional transition is particularly effective when the successful President or Vice-President / Dean was an internal candidate.

Individual Leadership Coaching

“Thank you for your valuable guidance and advice… and more, the subsequent extraordinary professional coaching I have received through your firm. (You have) provided me with exceptional advice and support to enhance my effectiveness (at my institution) and to begin preparing for the next leadership challenge”
The end goal need not be a new position: an individual may wish to improve performance in the present. We focus on leadership and communication techniques within the framework of the specific situation.

Leadership Team Coaching

Rather than conduct a new search, a provost contacted us with the hope that we could transform a newly promoted dean from a manager to a leader-manager. Having been the associate dean, the new dean was an established member of an entrenched divisional team. We coached the dean and the provost, resulting in the division moving together on a new path.