Dear Nancy, You are magical.

You make people out of who they are. You touch and better many live – not only ones you coach, but the lives and careers of those impacted by the ones you place in positions of higher-ed.

I cannot thank you enough for how much you have changed my life in the past few years. You helped me discover the part of me in my heart that I did not know was there. This is your magic power.

I am so blessed to have you by my side as I embark on the journey through the door you opened for m. I will work hard to make you proud.”

Dear Nancy, Happy New Year! I have just finished my first

semester as the Dean of Arts and Sciences at XXXX University and am loving my new role. I would not be here if not for HERS and your presentation and your book. I didn’t get the job that I was gunning for at the time we met, but I learned through the process and am so happy about where I’ve landed. XXXX has given me an opportunity to advance retention and success for low-income and first-generation students. This is my passion and my expertise. As I reflect on the last year, you come to mind as someone who has influenced my path. Thank you.”

To date and with her help, I have reworked my CV,

created a cover letter strategy and written one for a CEO position (for which she nominated me), and rediscovered my self-esteem and professional worth…In total, Josie is a terrific career and life coach; I have you to thank for referring me to her.”

- Interim President, during coaching

Even though I had colleagues whom I knew would offer advice

I’m so glad I chose Lorna as my professional coach in searching for a university presidency. Her insights, suggestions and advice made all the difference, as I developed carefully-crafted documents, practiced phone and video interviews, prepared for airport interviews, and learned exactly what to expect when I visited campuses. I credit her coaching – honest, supportive and constructively critical – with much of my success in the search process. I was a semi-finalist for four of the six presidencies that I applied for, a finalist in two, and I found exactly the right position.”

- Coaching client, President of a private university in New England

Nancy, I appreciate your knowledge and commitment

to the next generation of executive administrators and to the need to foster the development of minority administrators and faculty to reach those levels of administration. Thank you for sharing your expertise with so many of us.”

- AAHHE Executive Leadership Academy participant

Excellent presentation with tremendously

valuable information for all phases of preparation related to applying for the “next” position. This session will have long-term benefit.”

“These were two of the best sessions (Successful CV, Cover Letters and Interview Techniques), and we would like to see more of this work at the institute.”

- Participants in Executive Leadership Academy workshop Institute

I’m so impressed that you can deal

with such a totally diverse group—in age, level of experience, institutional environment, job responsibility—and reach every one of them simultaneously and keep them all engaged—for an entire day!”

- Organizer, executive leadership workshop

“You helped me think hard about the importance

of “fit” when looking for my next job and, eventually, perhaps a presidency. Your remarks and introduction of Appreciative Inquiry helped bring that point home. And I must thank you for one more point, which you made incidentally — that the discernment process, the search, the investigation and personal growth really are fun! Sometimes we all get so caught up in the seriousness of a search or the perceived importance our own ambitions that the richness and joy of the process are lost – What a shame!”

- Coaching client

My experience with you, Nancy, and your team was among the best I’ve had as a candidate.

I appreciated how sensitive you were to all parties’ needs, but I especially appreciated your drive to create the right match between the institution and final hire. It’s the right commitment to ensure the best possibility for everyone’s success.”

- Search consulting client, president of midsized regional college

During my transition as the first secular president of a Catholic College

Dr. Edmundson provided expert guidance to me, the Board of Trustees and the leaders of our religious community. As we navigated through the transition, her experience, knowledge, and gracious manner were invaluable.”

- Coaching client, President of a Catholic College in the Middle Atlantic States

You have been instrumental in helping me achieve my dream position

and your counsel has been right on target.”

-Coaching client after successful presidential placement

I want to say thank you for all of your coaching and mentorship.

I would not have been the successful candidate without the polish and perspective that you taught me.”

- Coaching client after successful placement

Thank you, Josie, for your valuable guidance and advice…

and the subsequent extraordinary professional coaching I have received through your firm… (You have) provided me with exceptional advice and support to enhance my effectiveness (at my institution) and to begin preparing for the next leadership challenge.”

- Coaching client after successful presidential placement

You went “above and beyond the call of duty”

by creating a relationship with me and instilling confidence in me throughout the entire process. You encouraged me, prodded me, and challenged me to do my best. You even allowed me to share my insecurities and idiosyncrasies that could have become an impediment in the process. You worked hard to make sure that I was aware, informed and prepared for each step of the process.”

- Successful coaching candidate, vice presidential search