A Beacon Of
Courage & Humility
For All.

Archer~Martin Associates, rooted in the legacy of Nantucket's entrepreneurial women, stands as a testament to advancing diverse and inclusive leadership in higher education.

Evolving from a search firm to a powerhouse in executive coaching, their mission is to uplift women, women and men of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and majority men in higher-education leadership positions.

From Our Founder,

Nancy Martin

More than 40 years ago I flew to Nantucket to discover, for myself, the place Herman Melville wrote about in Moby Dick. I discovered so much more. As I stepped onto the tarmac, I felt the compelling power and inspiration of place.

I learned that Nantucket in the early 1800s was a place where women built and ran the island's businesses and schools while their men traveled the world in search of whales—away for years at a time.

Living on this island, the people quickly found in themselves the fortitude, resilience, patience, and courage required to live independent lives while depending on each other for survival and happiness.

The whaling industry brought people to Nantucket from across the globe - the Azores, Africa, and the South Pacific—creating both a global economy and a truly diverse community of belonging.

In the early 1840s, Maria Mitchell—the Nantucket Atheneum’s librarian, the first woman to discover a comet, and founding faculty member in astronomy at Vassar—met Frederick Douglas as he arrived at the Atheneum to deliver his first notable abolitionist speech on island, launching his life-long career. They became friends and leaders for advancing social justice.

Nantucket is a place that has long inspired diversity and inclusion in leadership.

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Our Executive Coaching Services:
Unlocking Success Through Strategic Transitions

Whether you're aspiring to a new role or seeking to enhance your current performance, our coaching services offer intentional guidance in leadership, communication, and transformation. From promoting internal candidates to refining existing talents, we empower individuals and institutions to chart a path to success.

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Executive Search Coaching

When individuals are poised to embark on a journey toward roles such as College or University President or Senior Administrator, our coaching services are tailored to guide them through every crucial step.

Our expert coaching encompasses crafting compelling CVs and Cover Letters, honing effective interview strategies, and ultimately securing the positions they are truly passionate about.

Once an offer is extended, our support extends to contract negotiation coaching, making the transition process a seamless and integral part of their employment agreement.

Transition Management Coaching

When we view the process of transition as the transformation of a newcomer into a respected member of the institution's culture, occupying a prestigious role within the community, it becomes evident that success in this endeavor is neither guaranteed nor immediate.

Achieving successful transitions requires a deliberate and purposeful approach, wherein precise actions are taken to achieve the desired results.

Based on our extensive experience, we have found that intentional transitions are exceptionally effective, especially when the President, Vice-President, or Dean is promoted from within the organization.

Leadership Coaching

Sometimes our coaches work with an individual to enhance fundraising, finance, enrollment, people-management or general leadership capabilities. And other times we work with a Dean or a Provost to build their team.

We also coach Department Chairs individually and in workshops to reinvent their approach to searching more aggressively and intentionally to build a more diverse faculty.

Finally, we work with Presidents, Provosts, and Deans to assist them in reinventing a passive approach to a more proactive one to diversify staff and faculty at their institutions.

Our Values

Our executive coaches live by and coach our clients by these guiding principles:

Live and Lead Through The Theory of Appreciative Inquiry
Find the positive in people and organizations through questions and conversations.
Continuously Improve Emotional and Social Intelligence Acumen
Make good judgements and decisions, because 80% of a leader’s ability is grounded in Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence.
Communicate Clearly and Listen Closely
Listen first, then think before acting or speaking.
Practice Creativity
Focus on the discipline of continuous innovation.
Sharpen Narratives
Be the storyteller and teach others to tell their stories.
Strive For A Healthy Ego
Find the balance between courage and humility

Our Clients

Archer Martin Associates has a distinguished history, both as executive coaches and search advisors, of serving a diverse array of esteemed institutions, from renowned universities like MIT, Yale, and Dartmouth to prestigious organizations like WGBH and the American Film Institute. Our clientele encompasses a variety of roles, from Presidents, Provosts and Vice Presidents at institutions like Babson College, Bentley University, and the University of Virginia, to Finance and Administrative Officers at Cornell University and Gettysburg College.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Even though I had colleagues whom I knew would offer advice, I decided to have a professional coach in pursuing a university presidency and I chose Lorna Edmundson. I credit Lorna’s coaching with much of my success. Her extensive experience and supportive, honest, and constructively critical advice and insights made all the difference. With her help, I was well-prepared and knew exactly what to expect throughout the process. I was a semi-finalist for four of the six presidencies that I applied for, a finalist in two, and I found exactly the right position.”

Successful Presidential Candidate Coaching Client

Worked With Lorna

My experience working with Jeff to sharpen how I articulate my experience and expertise has been nothing short of exceptional. He worked closely with me throughout the process, digging into analysis of the problem context, and providing meaningful insights and consistent support. Jeff brings an impressive background to this work, and carries it out with enthusiasm and authenticity. His depth of knowledge about the higher education landscape, leadership, and how administrators' experiences align with and extend institutional capacities was key to the success of our work together. I look forward to continuing to work with Jeff on future projects.

Coaching Client

Worked with Jeff

During my transition as the first secular president of a Catholic College Dr. Edmundson provided expert guidance to me, the Board of Trustees and the leaders of our religious community. As we navigated through the transition, her experience, knowledge, and gracious manner were invaluable.

Coaching Client

President of a Catholic College in the Middle Atlantic States